Caring for your body is the perfect way to take a mini-break from day-to-day life.And what a better way to take a break than having a body massage?

The ancient practice of body massage with its various types has proven to revive, energize and restore the inner harmony in one’s spirit.

It is also scientifically proven that a properly orchestrated massage helps one to combat stress, promotes quality sleep, & enhances ones metabolism thus help weight loss.

This month, Polish Salon is excited to launch our professional full range massage services. From full body to hands & feet massages, we have put together a fine selection of massage treatments that promise to relax those exhausted muscles and much more.

We have been quite selective in choosing only the highest quality products, utilizing the best of essential oils to enrich this indulgent experience.

Our growing full body Massage treatments include

Deep Tissue Massage

A firm pressure is used to release trigger points and relieve the effects of muscular tension and long-held pain

Swedish Massage

A light, soothing pressure using Swedish massage techniques to instill a sense of wellbeing, rest and relaxation

Hot Stone Massage

A therapeutic massage using carefully situated hot stones to release muscle tension, relieve pain, and improving blood circulation

You can try any of these treatments or select any of these
carefully designed combos for a great value

Fresh & Clean Moroccan Bath later combined with 30 min Back Massage

Full Body Intensive Scrub followed by 30 min back Massage

Fresh & Clean Moroccan Bath tailed by 60 min full Body Massage

Exquisite Dead Sea deep cleaning facial combined with 30 min legs massage